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Hi Dean

Thanks for all your help towards my check test,Your enthusiasm,dedication,encouragement and clear communication have helped and motivated me to maintain the standards required to provide good instruction on our roads.I would recommend Dean to anyone in the driver training industry for all there CPD needs

Chris Sedgewick-08/11/2011(Grade 5)

Hi Dean

Thank you so much for getting me through the part 3. having previously trained with a big company for parts 1 and 2, which cost me a considerable amount of time and money. I was feeling totally demoralised and confused.When I began practising roleplay for part 3 with my former trainer, I felt as though I was literally going around in circles, repeating the PSTs and getting nowhere. With your coaching you taught me to understand that it is not about passing exams, more about about becoming a good instructor. So I am thankful that I called you.After chatting to you for about an hour, things started to fall into place and make sense. The coaching I received from you was crystal clear and helped to ensure a first time pass for me. I can honestly say that although I was nervous, I felt very confident before I took the test and was delighted to get a 5/4. Your dedication and commitment is  exemplary and I would have no hesitation in recommending  you and Inspire to potential driving instructors.

Darius Tanca-08/11/2011

"You may find it difficult to pass if you do not receive any professional training. The qualifying  process is not easy,and the pass rates are not high."

DSA Publication ADI 14 02/08

One only has to look at the DSA staistics for the part 3 pass rate to realise how vital it is to receive  proper training for this challange, however all training is not the same!

After a course with an ORDIT registered training provider my first attempt at part 3was unsuccessful.In hindsight,I was not adequately prepared for the test.

Success on the second attempt at part 3 was due entirely to the quality of the training provided by Dean Henson of Inspire Instructor Training College. There were no surprises on the day because Dean's consummately professional instruction covers exactly what the DSA are looking for. The core competency coaching provided by Dean was absolutely invaluable and the roleplay and fault simulation during training proved to be totally accurate.

Thank you Dean and I look forward to continuing professional development coaching with you.

Chris Smart-ADI-2010

After twenty years in retail I decided it was time for a career change. After researching a lot of coaching companies I was put in touch with Dean henson from Inspire and then my journey began towards becoming a driving instructor and what a roller coaster of a ride it was.

I have been on and took part in various management courses in my career, However Dean's passion, knowledge and above all his dedication to his students shone above any trainer/coach or mentor I have met.

On a few ocassions to be honest I felt like throwing in the towel, however Dean never gave up on me, and after a few inspirational words of encouragement I was back on my new career path and on the 16th of October 2011 I passed my part three 5/4.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Inspire Driver training College for Instructor training. Overall I have come to realize that Dean is superb at what he does, he cares, takes pride in what he does and does not see it as a job, more as a passion. I look forward to developing my skills as an ADI then onto fleet and the ADI Driver training course!!!!.

Thanks Dean,it has been a pleasure meeting you and hopefully working with you in the years to come.

Paul Avenell- October 2011   



Fom day one Dean friendly personality and professional attitude made me comfortable and confident in that I made the right choice to be coached by him.

To be honest it was a long hard journey for me on part 3 there were a few times when I thought this isn't the job for me, however Dean came to every session with enthusiasm,determination,encouragement and a sense of humour. this gave me the confidence and knowledge to go all the way to become an ADI, I am really enjoying being a Driving Instructor and pleased Dean had faith in me and pushed me all the way so that I finally crossed the line. I would also like to thank Steve G for stepping in when Dean was unavailable.

Brian N   

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