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Approved Driving Instructor Courses

Are you in need of a new challenge? Do you yearn for a job which allows you to be your own boss and work the hours you want to work? At Inspire Driver Training Academy, we can help that dream come true.




Ispire’s Managing Director, Dean Henson, has worked in driver training for over 31 years. Having achieved check test grade A seven times and DVSA Ordit Accreditation, he can offer a unique and high calibre ADI Instructor Coaching Programme with a structured, flexible approach that works around your existing commitments.


Our Approved Driving Instructor course offers you the freedom to be your own boss, work the hours that suit you, meet new people every day and the potential to earn a good living (typically between £24,000 and £28,000 per year).

When you become a driving instructor with Inspire, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of our vast experience, passion and drive to become the best. The ADI training is fun and offers real value for money.

For an informal chat call Dean on 07917 115462, or, for more information, please contact info@inspiredrivertraining.net 

What you Can Expect From the ADI Course

To become an ADI you must have held a UK driving license for four years. It is a journey that needs to be driven by two people – the student and the coach. You need the drive, desire and determination to succeed while Inspire provides the skills, passion and determination to ensure that you do.

The qualifying process is in three parts, though it is essential that we view the entire process as one exam. The work we do to prepare for the theory test will stand you in good stead for the part two driving test therefore making the part three easy. This will become clear as we begin training.

Outlined below is a brief description of the qualifying process.

  • Approved Driving coach - Part One, Theory Let inspire support you in studying for the theory test. We will provide all training materials, books and hazard perception DVDs. We also stage a mock tests to help finalise your preparations.
    Cost of Part One: £600
  • Approved Driving coach – Part Two, Practical Our Part Two preparation takes the form of 16 hours of one-to-one Coaching based around the five good habits of driving, broken into eight sessions two hours.
    You will be required to drive to a very high standard, in a brisk and businesslike manner and on various types of roads. You will also be required to perform all of the manoeuvres that you will be teaching your learners.
    The examiner is assessing your ability to teach, not to drive, and the key to passing this stage is to be consciously aware of the need to demonstrate the information we intend to pass on to our learners.
    Cost of Part Two: £600
  • Approved Driving Instructor – Part Three 46 hours in-car Coaching one-on-one with an Inspire Instructor shows you how to teach learners to drive and fix the mistakes they inevitably make. You will receive a training file with lesson plans and diagrams and sit mock tests to help prepare you for your final exam.
    Cost of Part Three: £1300

    Don’t forget, once you qualify as an ADI you are required by law to maintain your level of performance. Inspire Driver Training leads the way in Continued Professional Development courses.

    Unhappy With Your Current ADI Training?

    Remember part one and two is the easy part, however if good foundations have not been laid at the start your house will fall down. .

     If you have already completed some of your training with another company and would like to join at stage two or three of the ADI course, simply call us on 0191 521 2919 and let Inspire quote you based on your standard and needs. Try a two hour assessment i'm very confident I will convince you of my ability to get you over the line.

    ADI Course Costs

    Payment in full for parts 1, 2 and 3: £2200 Included in the price are all training materials. ADI course fees can be made in staged payments with no extra costs.

    Additional Costs

    If you require any additional training we will provide this at a very reasonable price of £35.00 per hour, with all training carried out on a strictly 1-to-1 basis with support observation sessions if required.

    Exam Fees

    • Part 1: £81
    • Part 2: £111
    • Part 3: £111

    Licence Fees

    • Trainee licence: £140
    • Full entry to the register: £400
    • Train the trainer ORDIT registration course: £1500
    • For full details on becoming a DVSA approved coach visit: www.dsa.gov.uk/Category.asp?cat=503