Refresher Courses

Time to get back behind the wheel and regain that confidence?

Whether were driving to the shops or taking the children out, we need to feel confident that we and they are safe. With more and more cars on the roads and everyone trying to get ahead, its little wonder people are taking refreshers courses to increase safety and develop confidently in any given situation.

Remember the thrill you once felt behind the wheel? Everyone has their own unique driving style, but sometimes things happen to make us lose faith in our own abilities. At Inspire we can help you get the enjoyment and feel-good factor back again.

How do I know Im ready for a refresher diving lesson?

Perhaps an event in your life has knocked your confidence. Perhaps you would like to share the responsibility of those long holiday drives. Maybe you are an international driver in need of getting to know our road systems and roundabouts.

There are a number of reasons people book Refresher Courses with Inspire Driver Training, for more information, please email or phone us on 0191 521 2919.

Cost of Refresher Lessons: 25 per hour