Hearing Impaired Training

British Sign Language (BSL) is the preferred language for about 50,000-70,000 people in the UK. It is a language in its own right, not a translation of English. Whilst many deaf-without-speech individuals can lip-read, a knowledge of basic sign language skills makes the process of teaching and learning so much easier.

Learner Drivers with Hearing Impairments

At Inspire Driver Training we like to welcome people of all abilities and levels, including specialist instruction for deaf-without-speech and people with hearing impairments.

Beginning Sign Language for Driving Instructors

This one-day course introduces driving instructors to the basics of sign language and is designed for those who are interested teaching the deaf-without-speech how to drive.

Prior to taking the course you will be asked to learn the signs for the alphabet before you attend the course. To aid you in this, an assignment pack will be sent to your home containing the BSL alphabet with pictures to assist your learning.

The day itself consists of interactive group exercises looking specifically at instructions given to learner drivers using basic sign language. The day will end with a short validation exercise and upon completion you will be awarded a certificate of attendance.

Having taught many profoundly deaf people to drive we have a wealth of experience of delivering effective training in this specialised area, and area which many driving instructors find extremely rewarding.

For More Information

We hope this course will Inspire you to expand your knowledge in this area and take level one British Sign Language (BSL). For more information on BSL, see

Contact us for information on Inspire’s Beginning Sign Language for Driving Instructors course. For more information, please email or phone us on 0191 521 2919.