Frequently Asked Questions

Please feel free to browse or selection of frequently asked questions below...

"Do you give student discounts?"

Yes we give 10% discounts on producing a student card  

"Do you do intensive course's?" 

Yes we can arrange an intensive course of driving tuition. Intensive courses need to be planned very carefully, beginning with an assessment to be able to calculate how many lessons you need then we book the test and plan the hours in towards that date. A test date can be arranged very quickly from numerous test centres within a 15 mile radius.

"Do you provide a mock test leading up to the driving test?" 

The mock  test is a vital helpful aid in preparing for your test and at Inspire we suggest all students have undergone a mock test to be able to highlight strengths and those areas which polishing up before going for test.

"Do you give a full hour tuition?"

At Inspire customer care is taken very seriously and something which  All of our Instructors pay particular attention to,we would always endeavour to be on time and would always give the full time paid for. A driving lesson begins when the pupil is in the driving seat and the lesson would finish on the hour and if necessary the Instructor would drive back on his own time if the pupil was not experienced enough to be able to drive themselves.

"Do you provide Automatic tuition?"

we have at Inspire one of the most experienced Automatic tuition specialist. We also cover mild disabilities.

"Have you got a good pass rate?"

At Inspire driving school we have an excellent pass rate, well above the national average. We have one the best reputations in the country for driving tuition. we are  very enthusiastic about our work and have in Dean Henson one of only a handful of Continued Professional Development Coaches in the country.CPD will, from 2012,  become compulsory for all Instructors to attend.

"What further development training do your staff undergo to maintain and further enhance their skills?"

As mentioned above CPD is something which Inspire and in particular Dean Henson have been promoting for years. With over 22 years of experience in driver training, Inspire has delivered CPD to over 5000 ADI to help enhance their skills, ranging from technical skills to customer care including being one of only 24 Fleet risk training providers and the only Accredited Fleet risk training provider in the North East.    

Can I come along for an informal information meeting?

At Inspire this is normal practice.  We will arrange an informal meeting to discuss all of the course in depth.  Handouts will be provided.

Is the DSA Ordit Accreditation a guarantee of quality training?

At Inspire, yes.  We guarantee that we will exceed your expectations.  The Driving Vehicle Standards Agency strive to ensure that the public receive the highest standard of training, therefore, the Ordit Register was created.  Our methods of coaching and premises are inspected on a regular basis to ensure we are delivering professional and quality training.

Can I train at weekends?

We at Inspire work from Monday to Saturday between the hours of 8.00am and 7.30pm (.

When I qualify will I be offered a position with the company?

While we cannot guarantee a position with Inspire, we will endeavour to give a position to those who we have trained.  However your training will place you in a strong position to either set up business on your own or to approach other driving schools in the area where you live.

How long will it take to qualify?

This all depends on your present commitments, work, family etc.Also the quality of the coaching. At Inspire we have an extremely high first time pass rate. We are also DSA Ordit accredited which means we are visited on a regular basis to make sure we are coaching to a high standard. At Inspire we are proud of the fact that all those who have signed up with us and had the drive and determination to succeed have done so. with a success rate of almost 100%

While we are governed by CRB checks, test waiting times, etc.  there should be no reason why the course should take longer than between six to seven months to complete, however, there are provisions in place for you to be fast-tracked through the training programme, which we will discuss in detail if you decide to come along to an information meeting.